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The Stinger Suit™ was designed in Australia to protect swimmers and water sports enthusiasts from the two most deadly jellyfish in the world: the Box jellyfish and the Irukandji. The Stinger Suit™ is the only Stinger Suit brand scientifically tested by The James Cook University, under actual ocean field conditions in Australia, East Timor and Hawaii.

The Stinger Suit™ is constructed from a mesh of three fibres, Nylon for body, Elastane for memory and a special fibre that has a slippery quality, to avoid jelly fish tentacles from sticking to the fabric.

There are many types of jellyfish in the oceans of the world.The most deadly are the Chironex fleckeri,(Box Jellyfish) and the Carukia barnesi (irukandji). Relatives to the Box jellyfish inhabit the waters of South East Asia and all through the South China Sea, as far North as Japan. The Chirosalmus quadrigatus and Carybdea are found in South East Asian waters including all the East Indies and the Gulf of Thailand.

The Mediterranean Sea is annually plagued with Pelagia noctilca jelly fish, known locally as the”Ballerina”.  It does not kill you, but you can spend time in hospital from a sting. On the east coast of the USA are the Sea Nettle and Lion’s Mane, which inflict a powerful sting. Hawaii has the Carybdea alata stinging jellyfish, a relative of the Box Jellyfish. All waters of the world’s oceans contain stinging jellyfish: from the Arctic to the Antarctic. The Stinger Suit provides protection from stinging jellyfish around the world.

The Stinger Suit is perfect for tropical waters

The Stinger Suit™ is light, (less than 200 gms), strong and keeps you cool making it perfect for tropical waters. The fabric of The Stinger Suit™ is woven into a tough mesh; unlike “circular knit stocking fabric” which ladders. The Stinger Suit™ is the perfect protection for all water sports, like swimming, water skiing, sailboarding, jetskiing, paddleboarding and kiteboarding.

The Stinger Suit™ has been sold to 15 countries around the world since 2003 with total success in providing protection from stinging jellyfish.

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