The Stinger Suit ™ Company

The Stinger Suit provides protection from venomous stinging marine jellyfish.

Stinger Suit Packaging

Full length with separate shoes, gloves and hood, ultra-lightweight, cool and breathable, The Stinger Suit™ offers a high level of protection from stinging jellyfish.

Stinger Suits - Tried and Tested

Jellyfish already tested are the Chironex fleckeri (box jellyfish), the Carukia barnesi (Irukandji syndrome jellyfish), Chiropsalmus sp, Carybdea GBR, all found in Australian waters.

Other species tested are Carybdea alata from Hawaii and three species of box jellyfish from East Timor; Carybdea East Timor sps A, B and Chiropsalmus East Timor sp A, Pelagia noctiluca from Mediterranean Sea

Sample The Stinger Suit™ for testing

Many other species inhabit the rest of the world from the arctic zones to the tropics. The Stinger Suit Company is always pleased to provide samples of The Stinger Suit™ for testing outside of Australia.